Less Than Ideal But We Can’t Sell Them

My 4 year old daughter’s newest thing that doesn’t make sense to me must stem from our garage sales. We have had three in her lifetime to sell off what they have outgrown and get pocket money for school crafts. Apparently, the selling of things made quite an impact in her life. So, her newest thing is to speak of “not selling” people in her life she likes and “selling” people who may be on her bad side that moment. So, I will get compliments like, “Mom, I love you. I don’t want to sell you.” Or in angry moments of her big brother not letting her destroy his valuable toy, she will pull me aside and say reverently “Mom, brother was mean to me. I think we should sell him.” Of course we had a huge theological discussion on the value of people and all kinds of things on a four year old level. But the point is that some people remain in toddler discard mode when something doesn’t suit them. Instead of putting in sometimes very little work or a few conversations, people will pout and give up and discard the person as they would rubbish and go about their own business like they are the only ones in the world who matter. And quite frankly, I am to the point where I call out this behavior and stand up for the integrity of life. There is of course the u born babies who may be discarded and murdered because they are sent to the world at an inopportune time or in an inopportune way. There is the school “nerd” who just doesn’t fit the “popular” mold and is bullied and discarded and discounted, the brunt of jokes. And there is the brilliant yet vulnerable young woman who was taken in by a man claiming to love her who abandons and discards her when he finds someone cuter or more vulnerable. And there is the good, decent American who stands for what is right and works honestly who is discarded as a pawn to line the pockets of the wealthy and powerful. Enough is enough. Why do we tolerate these people’s behavior. I have stood against many a bully and one thing I know about bullies is that they are all cowards, every one of them. They will fly or run if confronted. They will cower and lie if questioned. They will shudder if checked. They need to shudder for they are wrong. They should cower as they have made others cower who chose fear rather than confrontation. They should run out of town, out of America. People should unite and band together and take back our lives and country. Yes, prayer and fasting is step one but faith without works is dead.

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