Stay to Dance

“Sometimes you have to leave to remain”. I wrote that shortly after my divorce in a song. It makes sense. But it took me a long time of drawing close to the Lord again to fully realize my vast failure in not completing the truth of that. This is long past and all is forgiven (by God and myself) and I am happily remarried to a wonderful man. But at the time long ago, I didn’t understand that leaving doesn’t always have to be forever. We can leave and get right with the Lord and complete that journey of restoration and regrouping and repurposing and get back together. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t because we never dance alone. However, if you want to work on it, it may be a good technique. Sometimes it isn’t all or nothing, like we all seem to think. Sometimes it is messy with spiritual discipleship because sometimes both dancers or just one chooses a different dance at the moment. Sometimes messy is temporary. When years go by, decisions like mine have to be made. We cannot dance alone. But my heart is for the single and struggling right now, and I want to meaningfully impress upon you that you are tenderly and dearly loved on a massive scale and you are never ever alone. If you feel alone it is a choice to believe the enemy’s lie because the truth is that the second you cry and call to Jesus to be there with you, He shows up. Sometimes it is in the form of a friend or family member or a movie or a warm peaceful feeling or holding your heart while you cry. You see, you cannot dance alone, but you can always under any circumstance dance with your Creator, which makes you princess of the universe. Pretty awesome, that. Keep dancing, beautiful princess! 🙂

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