Teaching Children Service

The hardest thing about teaching your children to give and serve and not take and be waited upon is us parents. The lesson requires a humble spirit and giving and serving on our part as the parents and teachers in order for the kids to learn and act upon the lesson. They will take if we take, they will give if we give, they will serve if we serve. To understand why, they must either experience want or need personally or view it in someone else up close and personal. When they never have to wait for blessing and all their needs are continuously met as soon as they are requested or demanded, the child is spoiled and lifted up and thus can not understand why they should not have everything they want faster. To yield a child who grows up to care more about other people than their own self, they must be broken, have a humble spirit and see through the eyes of God. This must happen or the kid soon to be adult will grow up proud and demanding and pompous. To properly teach this lesson, we must serve the broken, give to the needy, work with those unable to do so, feed mouths needing food, love on the unlovable. Also, kids who do not have to contribute to their family will either fee they do not have to contribute to society or will see themselves as merely decorative. Giving kids chores at home when they are young produces better spouses and members of society when they are older.

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