Recycled Energy

There is a principle in physics (the law of the conservation of energy)  that states that energy is neither created or destroyed, only transformed from one form or thing into another. So, when God completed His creation of the universe we are in, He left us then with the same amount of energy there is now. It has been harnessed differently as technology has changed throughout the ages, but the raw energy available has remained constant since the first “Let there be…” As we age, our energy level seems to go down. Some of that is because of another law that states objects at rest tend to stay at rest unless acted upon by some force. It takes more energy to get that which was resting to go rather than something going already to sustain that movement. So, as we age, our energy is spent differently than when we are young. Youth play and run around and have fewer cares and concerns. Older folks like me are working and cleaning and managing a house with the pressures that come with those things. Stress and too much work and too little play sap energy from us and give it away to those stress forces, once called free radicals that transform that energy into damage to our bodies somewhere, generally wherever we are genetically predisposed. So I am of the persuasion that yes, our bodies wear out and become damaged in some way as we age, but we can recycle some of that energy back by destressing, playing, relaxing more, losing weight, praying and fasting, exercising, yoga, feeding our bodies well and healthy, laughing more, engaging in relaxing and fun hobbies, etc., whatever does it for you. However, you may want to just die young and stressed out, in which case I recommend none of those things. Everyone has their own preferences. 🙂 However, if you are proactive in your aging by recycling some of the energy God provided you with, more power to you. Life can be more fulfilling and less painful if we dictate as much as we can where our energy goes. Just a thought.

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