From Here to My Brain

It sometimes can take only an eye blink for information to get into my brain from my ears or eyes. But I gotta tell ya, sometimes it takes years for information to travel that same distance. Or at least it seems like it when it is something I really don’t want to hear or admit to hearing. Why? Because if I really hear it, I would have to change or give up something I want in order to put that new truth into practice. For instance, it just takes me a split second to deeply appreciate encouraging words and incorporate them into my ego and puff up just a little bit or on a really good spiritual day, give God the glory for said appreciation. However, with constructive criticism from a trusted and loved source of well meaning truth from, oh I don’t know a parent or spouse or close friend or (gulp) the Bible, it takes quite a while to sink in and become a useful tool to help me be better. Why? My pride fights against my growth because that pride is worked on by the enemy to resist truth through the lie that I am good already or I am nearly perfect (ha!) or become offended that I am being picked on, etc. I want to be right with this pride. I want to be in control with this pride. I want to already be done doing the hard work of purifying a soul bent on sinning with this pride. This pride disguises itself as my defender and friend but in fact it hinders growth and better things coming and blessings because it robs me of opportunities to grow. It reasons away the work needed to earn greater rewards in heaven and worship God better here also. So one goal I have is to hear truth or see truth faster and apply it faster to become better and closer to the Lord. I don’t want to be lazy. I don’t want to miss opportunities to grow and become more successful at worshipping the Lord. I don’t want to throw away His blessings for some silly perceived comfort.

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