Darkness and Light

Darkness hates, no detests light. When light comes up to darkness, light always wins and darkness has to leave. Where light is, darkness ceases to exist there. So those in the dark detest those having light. The darkness in these people wants to consume them in hopelessness and death disguised as light so they feel better about it and even embrace it as they are choked. The light loves the person and wants freedom and salvation for the person carrying the light. Darkness tells the person that temporary pleasure outweighs eternal pain. Light realizes truth and hope are in the future eternity and now is to work on that and shine the light to try to save the person distracted by the darkness. Don’t expect the person gripped by darkness and pleasure to like the light and be overjoyed to see the light for the lie upon lie the darkness has told has duped the person into believing the darkness is the light. Realize that when you are hated and attacked by darkness, the darkness is the enemy and not the poor person so deceived. Pray for truth and light and hope to capture the person carrying darkness as a badge and allow their heart to see truth from lie. This is what we can offer. Our light can be their salvation so never cease to share it. The darkness hates the light and all people because they were made by light. The light hates the darkness but loves the people created by light. We must separate the person from the darkness in our mind and heart and our eyesight will follow.

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