The Let Down

It is easy to be up. Life is a lovely breeze when you are on the top of your mountain and everything is wonderful, you had a great family day, you are doing well on your life’s spiritual journey, you are healthier and strong, you are free of drama or strife, etc. Anyone can do extremely well during those times. And that is most definitely why we don’t just have those up times in our lives. It is difficult to maintain up all the time. People in the rat race try and sometimes assist the up times with stimulants like drugs or alcohol or food or caffeine or sexual activity like porn or worse. Most of these choices are bad because they numb you and rob you of many learning tools and tests of character. We should desire the down time, the calm or boring times especially and even the rough and trying times. Why would anyone want that? Because that is how you grow and learn about yourself and prove yourself. Boring or bad times is where we show God what we have learned (hopefully) from Him and we reveal humbly where we need work and can ask for it. During the times everything goes your way, few people are contrite, fewer see a need for God or give Him the credit. We really feel Him and worship Him most when He carries us through those awful or tedious times. The day after the fanfare is a chance to rest and be reminded of our fragility and God’s contrasting amazingness to have given us the day and then allowed further development the day after. He knows when we need rest and when we need trials for growth and proof of growth. When you cease to have those times is dangerous because I would feel beyond hope, that He had left me to myself because chance after chance I failed the test. So I am thankful when God chooses to teach and train and test me. I am in this journey to win a greater prize of eternity in heaven with my God and those who love Him. I want to grow as close as I can to Him while here because here we determine our eternal destination. We have a short time to grow close to the Lord in our salvation. The day after is good. Every day is a gift.

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