Walking the Me

Until we get a dog some day soon, our home is now canine free. The adorable little Yorkiepoo we enjoyed for a month has gone back home to my parents’ house for their therapeutic benefit and we walk her there. So, a couple days went by when I didn’t get to walk the dog first thing in the morning. I noticed the difference big time. This morning, just for kicks, I got up at 7am and walked myself. And after the walk and even now, I have lots more energy which I need caring for two households. So, from now on I will walk myself as religiously as I had been walking the dog. I think it is easy to work the spiritual aspects and get lined up in the morning spiritually for a new day but often the physical aspects of taking care of the bodies God entrusted to us get left behind. To be effective for the Lord, we have to take care of ourselves and have the energy available to us that will be required for His service today. When we serve ourselves by lazing about, it is restful and great but too much of that can drain your energy and yield you unable for service. And if our lives are not ready for service to God and others, we have huge problems which will carry over to our spiritual us too. I think there is not enough emphasis on serving the Lord and too few people doing too much of the work and that is not how it is supposed to work. Churches need to emphasize serving God and others (not just the church itself) and people need to serve to prove they are Christians or few will believe you are or that if you are, it doesn’t matter. Stop placating our lazy drives and selfish desires and go for the higher reward later (or maybe sooner) when Jesus returns. Let Him catch you doing something nice for someone. 🙂

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