The Glasses of the Mind

When I was out walking the dog this morning at 7:30am, my new routine, I knew the sun was just coming up so threw on my sunglasses. As I was walking her, the sun went behind a cloud and a fog rolled in. Not thinking of it, I still had my sunglasses on and they also became cloudy. It took me a few minutes to realize it because it was gradual. I took my glasses off and was amazed at the clarity. And the Holy Spirit spoke to me in my heart and said that is what sin does. And if you think about it, we all have a pair of glasses in our minds God builds into us. Our job is to worship Him and fill our minds with truth that keeps those glasses clean so we can see with pure eyes the world He made to enjoy. What sin does is sneak in a little at a time and add a little fog or dirt or since to those glasses in our minds to where our vision becomes skewed and we don’t even realize it. The most harmful lies are those the enemy plants into our mind and we accept them as a part of ourselves and see everything through that distortion. These damages harm us most and hinder us from being able to share truth with others well because truth isn’t truth anymore. We don’t realize it but truth that is tainted is no longer the absolute truth, it is your new truth which isn’t the same. To get back to the truth of God and to become effective again and not be hindered in your walk and relationship with God, you have to do what would have kept you pure in your vision, which is worship and fill your mind with God’s truth found in His Word and prayer to Him. God is the giver of the truth and man is the giver of man’s truth. Before you accept anyone but God’s truth as your own, you have to see if what they said lines up with the Bible. We are told to trust God and not man for that reason. Focus on God is focus on the truth, for He is truth. Feed the mind truth and ask God for help humbly and He will help you and clean off your glasses. Then you will see His amazing world and people as He does and really enjoy His beauty.

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