Good Stewardship

When I grew up in the church, the word stewardship was a big deal. It was taught. It was spoken of. Now, it seems an intrusion is some kind to speak of it, as if it old fashioned and an imposition of some kind. However, I believe all of life walking the way of Christ is about having good stewardship. Every single thing we are or have has absolutely nothing to do with us. It, every tiny inch of it, is a gift from God and we are to use it wisely (be good stewards) for Him and for our good pleasure. Him first. This is the idea behind healthy living and good financial decisions (including tithing) and proper use of talents and sharing, etc. Everything we do has to do with our focus and motivation and the purposeful realization that the gifts we are given, even life itself, is for God first and our enjoyment and helping others next. If we look at things that way, it keeps greed and selfishness and narcissism away. Good stewardship is a glorious way of life and really what we are supposed to be about. When we start believing the lie that this is all about us, that our lives should cater to us and glorify us, we miss the peace and rest and freedom that comes with understanding that God is the reason for everything. He is the Giver. He gives because He loves and wants to but we act like spoils brats if we don’t appreciate and understand good stewardship as a lifestyle. When we get that, we are closer to God and open the door to many more blessings.

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