One More Thing

The ugliness of greed and discontentedness is prevalent right now. Prevalent and decidedly so. We are in an atmosphere of just one more thing. Amazingly wonderful people of the faith are doing it to. In helping care for my mom, as I leave she suddenly has 20 more one more things for me to do for her. And I see her every day! My children want one more thing to play with or sweet to eat or whatever. I myself want one more moment alone. It is everywhere. I wish there was a pill to take to cure us all of this malady, but we do have some tools to use for this purpose. We have our brains which we can refocus by saying simply, “I have what I need and am thankful for it!” We have the Word to guide us and renew our minds. We have the power of the Holy Spirit Who loves helping us when we humbly ask Him to. We also have the ability to look away from new things and be thankful for that which we already have. Contrary to popular believe we do not deserve every luxury known to man simply because we exist. When we have what we need- air, shelter, clothes, shoes, food- we must start undoing the “one more thing” problem by just being thankful for having our needs met. Then, any extra is just bonus and cause for celebration. That is the attitude I want and not that which wants more. I want contentment and peace and will fight myself for it, using my trusty tools. We are never alone where we are obeying and trying to humbly do God’s will.

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