Bread as Teacher

We made bread today. We learned several things from this process. The first was that it is amazing how cheap bread is in the store. It doesn’t taste like homemade but the process still must be followed. Making bread required arm strength and endurance as well as time. Lots and lots of time. So buying bread in the store does not taste as good but is worth every penny. Secondly, we worked on math. We discovered that we only had enough flour for a half batch (1 loaf) so we worked on fractions for measurements. Thirdly, we learned a little science as I taught about the yeast/ warm water/ temperature/ sugar interplay and why dough rises. Fourthly, we learned economics in that if you don’t have bread in the house and don’t have money to go get bread, you can make it yourself. And it tastes better! And lastly we learned that good things come to those who wait. And every person on earth needs to be reminded of that now and then. So, the kitchen is a great place for teaching children all sorts of things and talking about life as you wait for the dough to rise or food to bake. Making lessons out of life is what Christ did and we feel closer to Him when we do the same, I think. At least I do. Hope you had a great day too!

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