Peace is attainable by anyone truly looking for it in the right place. It will never be peace between all nations until the big day when Jesus Christ returns. And probably not between denominations who are filled with spiritually immature people. And peace will probably never happen between some family members who are unable to agree on some things. However, if you are talking about peace in your own heart and soul, that peace is incredibly attainable and tangible and fantastic. All I can do is tell you about my peace journey and hope you try it yourself if you haven’t found it yet. I used to think peace relied on everything fitting together smoothly and running perfectly according to my own ideas and plans. So if everything went my way and according to my plan, I was at peace. Now, it seems narcissistic and indeed is but without Christ’s teachings, we are naturally pretty narcissistic, aren’t we? And I see now that what I was calling peace was actually calm satisfaction at the moment or happy moments, as I just made the term up. Well, peace in my limited experience was lots of back to back happy moments or getting my way all the time. And of course, I was unknowingly setting myself up for failure because of several reasons I will share on the very nature of peace in reality. Also, I was making for a very bumpy emotional roller coaster in search of something I was going about all wrong. After many years of study and many prayers for wisdom and understanding, I see what this concept of peace really is. It is a surrender of yourself to your environment because you know that no matter what happens in this world, no one can change who you are in Christ and corrupt your living status in Heaven when this life ends. Peace is closely tied in with security and faith, knowing you are loved and realizing that God’s love and plan for you will never change ever for all eternity and that you will always be secure with Him. There is no true peace without this. True peace is intertwined with Christ and faith and truth and love and joy and patience and so on. One cannot have one aspect of God in a bucket to carry off. If God is there, He is all there or not at all. If one of His attributes are present, all of His attributes will be present also. If you want God’s peace, you must come to Him through his Son Jesus Christ who paved the way to God through His sacrifice. And when you have God’s peace, you also have His power and love and joy and patience and kindness and goodness and faithfulness and self-control. There are no halves with God. There is no true peace without Him, no matter who tries to say otherwise. And peace is a beautiful place to be, well worth the effort to not be the most important person in the universe. I would rather be humble with God and dripping with peace than pridefully away from God still searching for it. We all have to make that choice because no one else can make it for you. Peace is beautiful.

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