Crunch Time

There is no doubt that the world as we know it will be changing drastically soon, as it has been steadily. There are wars and rumors of wars. There are powers in place that allow one world government and currency and religion is being suggested now. Jerusalem is under harder attack by surrounding nations and many of the Bible’s prophecies are being fulfilled. What does that mean for us followers of Christ? Should we tremble at these events? Should we be scared of the persecution and hard times upon us or close by? The answer is a big fat no way. When we see these things, as horrible as they are and as long as they last, they are still extraordinarily temporary in the scope of eternity and we need to just buckle down and make sure we are ready for Christ’s return, which is coming sooner than we might think. We are told in the Bible to count it all fear? No, it says to count it all joy when we endure or face persecution because an amazing eternal reward awaits those of us who do. We need to wrap ourselves up in God’s peace and joy and keep praising and worshipping like Paul and Silas in jail for their faith. There are amazing and perfect rewards and heaven awaiting us who remain diligent and keep the faith. The greater the faith, the greater the peace every time. The war for our souls has never been so worth fighting, and we fight this truly spiritual battle with the Holy Spirit living inside each of us who love Christ and call Him Lord. And when the battle becomes more physical, we do the same thing. Prayer and Bible reading and faith and trust gain importance in the face of opposition. God is very real and active and very much in control. He told us what would happen ahead of time so we would realize this is all part of the plan and very very temporary. Keep the faith or build it and wrap up in peace and joy and you will see amazing proofs that your Creator and Provider God is very active in the affairs of men and He loves us immensely. This is sufficient promise to rest and find comfort in. It’s pretty incredible to be validated tangibly in our faith of old that is now being seen come to pass. How blessed we are to live to see it! Be ready and peaceful. Have joy that we will see our Savior. Wow.

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