Caregiving Superheroes

Having children later in life and being married to an man with grown children allowed for some strange phenomenon. One is that I have a 4 year old daughter at the same time as a 5 month old granddaughter. Another big one is that I have a young family to care for, a granddaughter to help care for and my parents to care for all at the same time. I am certainly not complaining though, because although I often have to employ my superhero cape and accomplish what I know only God could actually accomplish through me, my children are being trained how to balance things and care for someone. They know their grandparents now very well because of seeing them so much. They are also learning the art of giving back and not just taking. I had thirty years of taking care of myself with yes work and school but also liberties of going to the movies at the spur of the moment or long bubble baths or oil painting or reading. Ahh, just give me a moment of bliss just thinking about all that free time! However, that was then and this is now. Anything done must be scheduled and cleared with those I am caring for. A movie- is that what they still call them?- must be preplanned and with an available and very expensive babysitter (they make a fortune now!). Bubble what? Now, these things are sacrificed, we take one for the team quite often, however, there is One who took one for us a while back and His sacrifice made the world of difference to me and us all. So when we do what is right and sacrifice ourselves a bit for others, we honor Christ who sacrificed Himself for us. We are always working and serving for Him and not really anyone else. If I keep that perspective along with practical disciplines of understanding which is a needed help and which is a lazy help (which I pray for wisdom and understanding to tell the difference), I remain both sane and balanced. However, when I slip from this strict discipline, I very quickly fall out of balance and am a wreck. This tells me that when we discipline ourselves to keep our focus on God and use the wisdom and understanding He gives generously and He will bless by providing strength and balance for every day. He is faithful to reward obedience and does so regularly. And if you are jealous of all my opportunities to serve, your time will come soon or you can adopt someone to care for right now. The blessings will pour into your very busy life if you do! 🙂

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