The Caring One

No matter who cares or doesn’t care about every aspect of your life, you can rest peacefully and with great joy that the God who made you cares about the minutest detail and the greatest plans and dreams of your life. You are loved and adored and never left alone or unappreciated. You were carefully made by Him and He loves who He made. You were no accident, no matter the circumstances of your birth and you are deeply treasured by the most powerful Being in the entire universe. Thus, you are the richest of human beings, regardless of your earnings and you are the most powerful of human beings, regardless of the position you hold. Never forget who you are and who your Father God is. Do not be afraid of anything and never doubt. You are God’s.

One thought on “The Caring One

  1. I love this….just want to add to it the fact that God- our God cares so much that He is concerned even about the color of our pillow case….Minute details…He’s God


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