Love in Language

Of course this brings to mind Gary Chapman’s book on The Five Love Languages, which I recommend highly. These are quality time, touch, acts of service, gifts and/or encouragement, to paraphrase. He states that people generally speak one or possibly two of those “love languages” and must have that form of love language to be filled up in their “love tank” and if not, get drained. I believe that is true but there is a little more to it. I believe that how we say things is as important as what we say. Both are important and when in doubt of the effect of potential words that may be tempted to leave our mouths, we should act in place of speak. Words can paralyze spiritual lives. The wrong words at the wrong times can damage the soul of an individual all the way until the Lord can help them forgive and they still can’t seem to forget. It is so important that those of us who love the Lord do so to other people and speak the way He spoke. Jesus Christ is our example, our template. He spoke love, he taught truth, and even when He had the right to judge someone doing wrong, he abstained and spoke love and truth and healing. He went a step further and healed them and gave them what they needed to serve. If our Lord spoke this way- love, peace truth, comfort, strength, encouragement, etc.- shouldn’t we? Shouldn’t our love for the wounded or lost drive us to be as loving and uplifting as possible? Maybe they would be healed or saved because of it. If you roar in like some deranged lion, pouncing on and judging every wrong doing, you are affirming their belief that we are whackos and judgmental dictators and holier-than-thou annoying people with nothing but hate and anger to offer. And if you speak this way and harm another soul, you are helping no one and in fact will be judged guilty for it yourself. Behavior like that comes from spiritual immaturity, IG orange and pride, the need to be right and prove you are better than so done else. So, the opposite behavior should be our goal. We should strive to love on people, pray and encourage even our enemies, be quiet examples of love and service and faith and maybe people will see that Christ’s truth and love brings peace and hope, something desperately needed by everyone right now. Maybe you will even strengthen a weak, immature or ignorant fellow believer. I hope so. Love looks like acceptance of the person, made in the image of God. Love looks like help when they need it. Love looks like being there for the even if not asked. Love looks like forgiveness even when undeserved. Love looks like smiles when frowns are given back. Love is opening a door for someone and not expecting a thank you in response. Love is sharing Christ and His salvation gift in love so they will have hope and eternal life in heaven. Love is getting over yourself and giving yourself to Christ for His sake and not for your own.

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