Why Write?

Questions are excellent thought guiders. So, I ask myself why I write. What is the importance of the written word? What does one person’s thoughts matter in the scheme of billions of people leading their own thoughts and busy lives? And the answer that pulls ahead is that written word is the power to touch a life that may not be touched any other way. Among this main reason of my own are many other reasons I would still continue writing and why I encourage others, maybe even you, to write. 1. Writing coordinates and administrates your thoughts. Many ideas are a jumbled mess in my head but when I sit to write them down, they line up and organize very neatly for me to help me understand better. 2. Evil dictators and rulers always attempt to restrict or ban the unauthorized written word. If for no other reason, we must write just for that alone. Ignorance and conformity are the power of the ruthless tyrant. We must never bow to that blatant misuse of power and authority. 3. Written word communicates other peoples’ ideas and thus opens the mind a little wider to exercise parts of the brain unrehearsed and unknown and each book read is that much more brain function to enjoy. 4. The Bible is the truth. What greater inspiration is there for a writer than the amazing and undeniably true and historic Word of God? There isn’t. It is inspiring and hopeful that it has withstood much time and persecution and lives today accessible to millions. Wow. 5. We are told to sing a new song to the Lord and writing down your thoughts and words is much akin to writing anew song. Writing something new to you and hopefully others honors God. When we create a document or manuscript or article, we honor the Creator and His image we are made in. 6. We are to generous with the gifts we are given and thoughts and ideas are gifts. There are not many things more treasured than a gift unwrapped of a story or thought or look into the life and sharing of the life of another person. 7. We grow and mature through experiences of reading and thus writing. When we write, we focus more on what is important and what is extraneous, the benchmark of maturity. I love that. 8. Las but not least (at least the last I could think of at this moment) is that writing allows us to convey to our future (children, grandchildren, next generation, etc) what we are responsible with passing down to them our knowledge and experiences. I am sure there are more, but these are enough to assist in motivating good writers to write more and new writers to write at all. Keep the faith and the pen!

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