Boxing Glove Christianity

My Dad was a Marine and when he was in the Marines, he was a drill Sargent, heavy equipment operator and boxing instructor. When I was young, I was a tomboy and he and I would watch boxing matches and he would explain things to me and teach me some moves along the way. So, I carried that love of boxing with me throughout life and to this day appreciate a good match. And I got to thinking about my walk with the Lord. All the teachings on love and forgiveness and turning the other cheek always kinda bothered me. And I realized something tonight. I think the Lord put it into my head, as He has a habit of doing. All these teachings are really boxing training because every good boxer knows that you can not be any kind of successful in boxing unless you can block, dodge and take a punch. Good boxers hit well and have agility and strategy, but no matter their skill, they will go down if they haven’t been trained in blocking, dodging and taking a punch. When we wake up in the morning, we put on the boxing gloves and prepare ourselves for our fights of the day/hour/minute. Some fights, unfortunately, are right there in the home. Others, just as unfortunately, are in the church. Most are in the workplace, shopping centers, dark places, roads, etc. There is never a question IF we will be hit and really from where shouldn’t be the priority question. The big question is has my training been extensive enough to prepare me for the fights and am I awake to see the punches coming to defend myself? What spiritual training do we need? Bible reading and prayer and lots and lots of both. And the reason Christ teaches not to hit back is because we might be tempted to think the blow was actually from the person at the other end of the punch, and we know decisively that our fight is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers and powers of this world’s darkness, the enemy. As such, we are not strong enough to take on this supernatural force and have to leave that to the Holy Spirit in us, our supernatural force. And if we are foolish enough to attack the flesh and blood person being used and duped by the enemy, we could crush them completely and harm ourselves in the process, for vengeance is God’s and He will repay. Every person was made by Him, you see, not just you. There is hope if you don’t exhibit pride and weakness enough to fight back foolishly and prove the enemy right. The enemy would win that round. However, if you are strong enough to be humble and peaceable and allow God to fight in the spirit world, where the fight is actually taking place, He has a better chance to not only make it right but also try to save the person from a fate worse than death. Any boxer knows that control of self is essential in any winner. Forgiveness is also relevant here. We are to block punches with forgiveness, pretty limitless, because we have to forgive the way we want God to forgive us and the way He has already forgiven us. Then, especially in the home but everywhere else also, we have a chance of helping save their souls long term. Just a thought.

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