Nature as Teacher

The best lessons I have learned in life have been from 3 sources (no offense to my teachers): the Bible, my own experiences and nature. We all know that the Bible really has all we need to be saved now and forever and that our own experiences in life are presented to teach and test us. However, do not forget in your activities that we learn amazing lessons about the nature and character, peace and beauty, joy and perfection of our Creator by studying His creation/nature/us. We are at best a reflection of many facets of our Lord: thoughtful, communicative, social, beautiful, capable, independent, etc. Of course, we can be certainly contrary to those amazing possibilities if we stupidly decide to live contrary to our true nature. However, nature does not lie, does not choose to be something other than it was meant to be. Nature is pure and can not be less than it was made to be. We are wise to look at our natural world and reflect on it and you will find that when you spend enough time and attention on nature and quiet yourself, you will always always find God there. What I mean is that God’s great qualities are always reflected to us in His natural creation. It is the nature of nature. We are so blessed to have opportunities wherever we look to see birds and trees and plants and animals and sunsets, even if you live in a city that limits landscapes. These things are treasures, little nuggets of glistening gold.

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