The Lonely Lie

A popular temptation the enemy attempts to snag us with is that lie of loneliness. It is a lie because no matter what we are going through, others are going through exactly the same thing. No matter if our bed is unshared with another or not, we never sleep alone. No matter how raw your heart is or dry like a desert, we are never without a listening ear or loving Comforter. No matter what sin type you gravitate towards, you are not the only one sinning like that at that exact moment and you never sin alone. The thing is that we are never alone. Ever. We are in fact always in the presence of the angels and the Holy Spirit. And when we pray, we converse with the One always with us and seeing us and knowing us best. In fact, the One who made and loves us a whole bunch never leaves us and is always faithful and loving and good, even when we are not, and we are not. So, when you feel alone, it is important to remember that that feeling is a choice you are making to be deceived and isolated on purpose because it is far from the truth. God is always with you. God is always with me. God is there wherever we are, no matter what we are doing and He loves us best and biggest in the world. And yes, sometimes it feels like He is the only One, but when that One is the loving and all powerful God and Creator of the universe, we are still rich with that Friend. Do not allow the enemy to win a round because you purposely choose to believe his lie and decide you are all you’ve got in this world and even that is bad. No, no, no. Just say no to the lie of loneliness, pick up your Bible and read for yourself how secure we are in His constant companionship. Remember Whose you are. God did not make us and then fling us away to our own devises. We are lovingly nurtured, sometimes disciplines and always guided toward growth and blessing (which can take the easy or hard way). We are not without resources either. We have at our every humble request a Heavenly Father who will hold our hurting souls in His gigantic but gentle arms and heal us and make it all better. He is peace in the storm and light in the dark. You are never alone. I am never alone. Sometimes we want arms, but a soul hug is much more fulfilling and the arms will come when the time is right. Just know that we are never alone.

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