Homeschooling Day

So, I thought I might share a typical day of homeschooling with you because most people are curious. It seems we are often thought of as either cultish or sluggish, with very little thought of other options, which interests me. So, here is what today looked like, and it is a pretty typical day. We woke up around 9am and got dressed and ate breakfast, today consisting of scrambled eggs and grape juice. At 10am, school began with the pledges of allegiance to the America flag, Christian flag and Bible and prayer. Then we did our Bible reading (we read 1 chapter a day through the Bible and happen to be in 2 Samuel 21 now) in an easy to read translation. Then we do a short devotional and get right into history. We are reading currently on the build up to the Civil War. When we were finished with that chapter, we did spelling and writing for a half hour. Then we were off to lunch and break time. Zach (my overall 4th grader) played some computer games and Kathleen ( my preschooler) did some cutting and pasting she wanted to do and then her French and art lessons. After break, we did another science lesson on classifying organisms, etc. And finished the day with four pages of math. Each day consists of largely the same course work, though we have field trip interruptions at times or extra home economics lessons as things arise that need to be done around the house. I believe that teaching your children skills they need to live well on their own or supporting a family are as important as school work. Both are invaluable knowledge. Some days we do big art and other days we mingle art and music into the regular schedule. Hands on is the priority as much as possible to help things be understood practically as well as scholarly. Then, the school day was over around 3:45pm and the kids had a snack and went outside to play with the neighbor kids in the back yard until supper. This is a typical day of homeschooling. I am blessed to be able to teach our children from home. Not everyone can or wants to, but it blesses us and we are close and learning together. It is invaluable to us to be able to guide our children’s training and education because we know what values we want to instill in them and can instruct on the go. A day may come when I have to work, but every day we thank God that we have today. Lord willing, we will have many more today’s.

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