The Key to Purity

Openness. The key to purity is living your life as an open book. I heard a quote today I have been reflecting on, “Something done secretly is sorcery.” I dismissed the quote at first but the more I pondered it, chewed on it, I realized there is much truth there. When you think no one is looking, like you are in incognito mode or passwords are up or you are alone in your office or car, you have a draw, an excitement that is no longer in check and is much more easily given into. Not just porn or sexual impurity but also stealing from the office or drinking when you shouldn’t or gossiping or worrying to distraction or whatever purity/sin issue you have fallen for in the past (because that is where you’ll be attacked again). The key is really to live your life in the open as much as humanly possible. Keep your door open. Don’t have a password. Welcome people coming in at odd times. Invite people over. Keep busy. Actually do your work. The main point is that when you go into secret mode, the enemy has you right where he wants you and you are his dupe again. Knowledge is power. Know the enemy’s methods and you can defend yourself. Don’t allow a surprise attack. Remain out in the open and you are much more able to resist being pulled somewhere you think is safe to sin. Because you are always an open book to God. There is no secret place from Him. The enemy can’t even hide from Him. So, He always knows when you’re screwing up, even if no one else does. So, purity is admitting that and saying that you don’t want any distractions to come between my relationship and prayer life with God. Live open, like you are an open book, and I tell you the purity will be there and you will win the victory over sin and distraction and walk in sweeter friendship with the all mighty and loving God of the universe. And He who is always faithful to you will reward you for being faithful to Him. And you will sleep deeper and feel great!

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