A Polish Wedding

I had the high honor of going on a mission project to Bielk Podlaski, Poland in the summer of 1991 with an amazing but small group of people. We helped with construction and clean up of a church there as well as evangelizing and leading worship. While there, they did not know us at all but we were invited to a wedding and we rearranged our schedule to go. What an honor. Let me tell you about it. It was at the bride’s parents’ house. We got there at 12pm and there was the ceremony there, which was quite short and simple. Afterwards, they brought out the food. It is hard to describe the quantity of food. I wondered how many football teams were coming. We all sat in long banquet tables facing each other with the bridal party at a head table facing us all. There was a microphone up and a keyboard, so I was eager to hear some Polish love songs. People started eating, buffet style and the food was fabulous. People kept eating and I wondered where they put it all. These were thin or average sized people! Then the speaking started. People took turns coming up and speaking blessings over the couple. So many blessings! It was beautiful. And I thought, we should bless our marriages here in the States like that. Anyway, they asked me to sing. So, in my English, I sang a song I had written and then Amazing Grace when asked to do another. Then I played for someone else to sing and retired myself  because I wanted to hear someone else sing. After blessings in great abundance, the musicians came up and sang such beautiful Polish songs as would bring joy to your eye or tears, depending on the speed. Such passion in the songs! Such feeling! And everyone else kept eating and interrupting the music with another blessing and we were there all day and late into the night. Magically, the food we ate all day and night long didn’t make anyone sick and it was a beautiful experience! What a treasure. If you ever have the honor of being invited to a Polish wedding, go. It will bless you too! 🙂

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