God’s Protection

Whatever storm rages around us or on us, we have the only protection we will ever need. God provided for us and protected us once and for all through the sacrificial death and subsequent resurrection of Jesus Christ. So, we need never fear death because there is no more death. There is only a passing from body to glorified body and then rewards and being with God in communion with Him for all of eternity. So, what is there to fear? Even in this life, we have the incredible gift of His Holy Spirit who give us fabulous presents anytime we ask such as peace and joy and unconditional love. If we listen to His Word and to Him as we pray, we also will receive guidance and wisdom to weather any storm. Life here will be a myriad or tests and temptations and badness but there is also good and happiness when we seek it out and there is always this immeasurable treasure of salvation to provide hope and comfort no matter what the circumstance. God will sometimes keep us from bad things but sometimes bad things have to happen to prepare for something worse down the line or to help so done else or grow us in maturity, whatever, but God knows perfectly well what He is doing and it is always always for the best. May His will be done. We are blessed going and coming and regardless of the circumstances. We are very blessed because we are saved, if for no other reason. This temporary life is just that, temporary, and glory is coming after. So, things smashing against you trying to rip you apart, keep your chin up and eyes to heaven, for you already have residence there and this world has nothing in comparison. Who needs a bed of roses in this life. I have a gold mansion.

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