Irrational Fears

I wrote this book called Worry Crashers (on Kindle or Kindle cloud) that addresses the sin of worry and how to combat that with faith. I was thinking that I might apply that to some situations in real life that I have noticed. It is natural to be concerned about loved ones close to us and not want bad things to happen to them, but it becomes a sin when those concerns mount up and invade or distract or interfere with our normal life functions or service to the Lord. For instance, a long time ago I had some friends who were married and fundraised support and went oversees to Russia on a mission trip. They had two small boys and right when they got there, the mom became ill. Rather than trust in God to heal her, they fearfully retired from missionary work, never to go back again. Here is an extreme example of what not to do in your faith walk. Something much subtler usually happens in our lives but the principle remains viable. Where God sends you, He will provide everything you need to perform that work and we must trust that. Fears based on irrational plantings from the evil one are traps to test our faith. If we keep our head and understand this and keep things in their proper context and perspective, there is no limit on what we are capable of allowing God to accomplish in our lives. Irrational fears will stifle growth and maturity in the Lord and keep you in Spiritual bondage. When we cut the ropes by taking God at His Word and obeying Him in faith, we become free to live life in service and peace, where we can accomplish contrition and allow God to move us forward on our Spiritual growth journey. He then blesses our lives and our families. He rewards and moves mightily in faithful people.

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