The “Wide is the Way” Lie

The current end times church looks a lot like a free-for-all to Heaven. Any way will get you there as long as you go to a certain church or believe a certain way and wide is the way to get to Heaven. Narrow means narrow minded now and is to be persecuted. This seems peaceful, like just getting along so well with everyone, no matter their beliefs. Any religion is embraced and tolerated except the narrow minded view Christ followers tend to take that the way to Heaven and communion with the one true God of the universe is only through His Son Jesus Christ. That belief is fair game for persecution. Speech is free unless it contains those words about Christ. Then, all bets are off. You are no longer a respectable human being and should not have rights and free speech. Why? Because as the time grows near for the enemy to be banished from everything, he is ramping up his game of dominion trying to deceive and destroy as many people as He can before he goes. What can we do? We still speak truth In Love and teach as many as we can that the way is narrow and involves salvation through the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ only. And if we are persecuted, so be it. If we are laughed at, so be it. If we are rejected by evil men, so be it. All power and authority is really the Lord’s and if we are ashamed of Him to save our skin, we perish along with the evil ones. If you don’t stand, you will fall. So, yes we are the underdogs from a worldly perspective. However, if your mind is right and is thinking about Spiritual matters and growth and maturity, we are the wise and adopted sons and daughters of God, the most powerful being in the entire universe. I believe that gives us something to be simultaneously proud and humble of. God is great and mighty but loving and gentle. He is to be loved by those He adopts into His family and He is to be feared severely by His enemies. Remember to choose now to be His child before the time may very well come to tempt you into choosing to protect your body and lose your soul.

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