Outwardly intact but inwardly broken is much more common than outwardly broken but inwardly intact. Both can be broken and both can be sound, though the latter occurs less often than anyone realizes. Brokenness is not all bad. There are very excellent qualities that arise with brokenness. One is that the broken are much more likely to be humble, at least until they heal. Broken people know they need Jesus. They may not know Him or His name but they know they need Him nonetheless. Broken people know they are broken. They may deny it or lie or cover it for some irrational fears which may or may not exist, however things can only be covered for so long. Broken shows through any exterior in time. Broken people can be healed by Jesus as soon as they have had enough of trying to fix themselves. Broken people understand brokenness and have a greater appreciation and empathy for the brokenness of others. So a maturity can grow there. Also broken people who are healed can show other people with greater efficiency and compassion how to become whole. The most beautiful thing about broken but healed by Jesus is that they become so appreciative of Jesus’ healing that they serve Him at churches and missions and in their homes and workplaces, etc. There is immense beauty and opportunity in broken people healed by Jesus! They show us hope!

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