The Key to Regaining Trust

We have all been hurt, unless this is your first go ’round with a relationship. And every single time we begin to put another person on a pedestal where only God should go, they sooner or later show us their human side. That side of all of us that will sin when they are good and ready to do so. What happens next? What is this turn the other cheek business? When it is something personal, it is harder, whether a spouse sins with another person or another person’s image on a video or internet site or steals all the money, whatever, it is much harder to overcome the mistrust. When it is simpler or less personal, it is a bit easier to forgive and move on. But what do we do to regain some semblance of trust and faith in that person again? I struggled with this question that was posed to me. My answer, after much contemplation and meditation and Biblical study and insight is this. Trust God. What? That is it? It’s a little vague and simplistic and leaves a lot of psychological mumbo jumbo unsaid. What do you mean? I mean this. We are never ever called by God to trust another human being at all. However, we are commanded over and over to trust in Him. Trusting Him means saying that no matter what happens with this other human being who chooses to sin maybe at a different time than you did, you will not be distracted by it and will put your trust in the One who is really in charge of everything and loves us all. We trust Him and things work out. David trusted God and Goliath fell like a toddler. Gideon trusted God and won wars. Moses trusted God and saved a nation. Ruth trusted God and married well. Mary trusted God and had the most important baby civilization has ever known. Some rewards are big and some are small but none ever come without that trust in God. So, when you are hurt, you wrap up your hurt emotional package and place it on God’s fireplace and rest easy knowing He can handle it far better than you can. And you leave it there. You don’t sneak back in and reclaim it. You grow up in the Lord and let Him keep it. And in exchange for your trust donation, he gives you the gift of forgiveness to administer to the other party. With time, it shrinks to its proper size and you forgive the person again with much less emotional leadings. And it is just that simple. Of course, this assumes you long more for God’s wisdom and maturity than yours or the world’s. It also implies that God is more important to you than the other person. It can be done. It is simple. It can save your soul and relationship.

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