The Bible

The living, breathing Word of God, the Bible, is the most precious treasure we possess. It is mostly underutilized and underappreciated  in our current culture but in so e cultures, they risk death and persecution just to read it secretly. It is life to our Spirits because it shares God’s will and plan with us and instructs us how we should live and work and play and worship. Just to have an opportunity to read it with my family and church and privately is an honor and privilege and I am so grateful for that right! I used to read my Bible in verses or chunks, and I have since found that I understand much more contextually by reading it straight through from cover to cover. It clears up any questions in my mind as I read and my questions become less important than the knowledge in the Good Book that quenches the pride that would ask questions of the Creator and Lover of my Soul. I find that the more I read it, the less important I and my problems become and the greater I understand Him to be. The more I read, the smaller I become and the bigger God is and that is the right perspective. Pride keeps us from reading sometimes, I think, but humble seeking opens the doors to reading and understanding the big picture as well as all the details of what we’re here to do and who we are and Whose we are. It is beautiful and phenomenal to see how God takes care of the huge things as well as the tiny details as people needed either or both. He meets us where we are and you can see His heart in the world and workings of His people. As followers of Christ, it is our reward, honor and blessing to be able to read our Bible as often as we can because it restores our souls and aids in the fight for it that wages on more severely every day. It is our armor against evil and shelters and comforts through any storm. God’s Word lights our way and buffers our human perspective. What an amazing treasure is our Bible!

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