Helping Hands

We had a few good men and women help us unpack the moving truck today for my parents’ move into town. Many were asked, few responded. And we had a piano to unload! So, needless to say we were very thankful for the few who responded, but it left me scratching my head and so seeing why more didn’t help. I thought perhaps that they were too busy or working, but plenty of them were not working today. It made me think of who did show up. My pastor did and my good friend that I interned in the mission camp with and her son. That was it, other than my Aunt and Uncle who had come for the occasion and my husband. So, I discovered that the ones who helped were grounded in their relationship with the Lord so strongly that serving Him and His children comes before their own agendas and desires. I mean, no one wakes up in the morning and looks forward to moving a piano and unpacking a moving truck. It is painful, hot, uncomfortable, a lot of work, etc. Everyone knows that. However, when we think God and other people are more important than what we want to do, we do things that are uncomfortable to us in order to help them. We have lost a lot of those important social skills and priorities. It seems that we have become so important to ourselves that we don’t want to do less for us so others will be helped. So, for those who helped us, I am very grateful. And when someone needs help, I will help them because I know what it’s like to be frustrated when you don’t feel that you get the help you need when you need it. And I will remember that we are servants here, earning royal status by our thoughts and actions. Also, I will remember how great I feel in my heart and soul when I help someone meet their needs.

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