Things I’ve Noticed Across America 1

Buchanan, Michigan is my home town. It is a small farming town in Southwestern MI about a half hour from Lake Michigan and the same from South Bend, Indiana where Notre Same lives. The Great Lakes region is very friendly and warm and inviting, which almost makes up for being under cloudy skies and cooped up for about half the year, which is how long winter lasts and lingers. Up there, people wear shorts and t-shirts when it hits the balmy temperature of 60 degrees F. People speak very correctly but some little things are a tendency to connect words in a sentence. Michiganders say the word “ought” a little differently than people from other states. We also use our hands as maps and talk about distance in time it takes because how long differs with road conditions. Spring is sacred when it finally arrives and everything is so beautiful and flowers smell so wonderful that you almost don’t remember that you were plowing your driveway a week ago! Also, an I credible thing in Michigan is the food! Wow. Fertile ground provides excellent nutrition for everyone’s gardens and you can pick your own or grow your own apples, cherries, blueberries, peaches, vegetables of all kinds, etc. and it has such incredible color and flavor! So, of course, you eat a lot there.  From Michigan, I moved to Kingston, Pennsylvania, close to Scranton and Wilkes-Barre, PA. This area had a lot of mountains and amazing waterfalls and trails. Scenery was beautiful but some of the worst roads you’d ever want to drive on. Four seasons were still present but the valleys were kept pretty clear. There was a feeling there of stepping back in time. Houses were right next to each other and looked a lot alike, three stories, skinny and deep. A lot of Polish people were there and much talk of pirogues and Kielbasa. The sausage I liked but the fried mashed potatoes in dough  you can keep until it matures into flavor of any kind. People are nice but wary of outsiders. Decent soil but not as many gardens and farms were there. Boca Raton, Florida, which is mostly filled with snow bird or relocated New Yorkers and New Jersey folks and about half Jewish. People there are very much enjoying the best life has to offer. Very subtle seasonal changes are seen and much time is spent pool or beach side and boating is huge in the Intercoastal. Things are expensive. Very few people have gardens because the soil is nutrient poor sand, however citrus grows well and is quite enjoyable. The scenery is immaculate with many tropical plants and palms and colorful flowering trees, but very few plants have any scent at all. Birdwatching is quite an enjoyable past time there. I’ll talk about Glendale, California and Lakeland, Florida and may mention Johnson City, Tennessee and Bloomfield, Indiana in my next installment. Must sleep.

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