The Gift of my Husband

Each of us can appreciate and respect and love our spouses, I am certain, but I wanted to dedicate this blog to my amazing husband. The Lord knew that I was at my crazy place, much in need of a closer relationship to Him and being farther from Him than is wise, I was so very lonely and hurting and uncertain. I had been verbally abused and neglected for just shy of most of my life in some form or another. And God answered the prayer of my heart in the man that started out being my friend and later became my date and then my husband. He is different than any man I had really known up to that point, which of course was the draw, but he had a patience and gentleness with me that I had never experienced before. He loves me. Through the strength of his love and security, faithfulness and encouragement, the Lord drew us back to Himself with greater clarity than I had known. Sometimes God draws us to Himself through other people and sometimes alone. In my case, He knew that we would be stronger in our union if we journeyed together. I am glad that God saw fit to unite us in marriage and gave me such a man that I could respect with all my heart and really feel his love back. This is how it is supposed to be. It only took 37 years to find him, but we are united happily ever after. Be encouraged that God knows exactly what or who you need in your life to complete you and raise you to a level of spectacular He had created you to be. Don’t settle for less than a mutually uplifting relationship. Trust the Lord because He knows so much more than we do and can see the future. He can heal you the best way at the best time and sometimes it is before you meet your spouse and sometimes it is after. He knows exactly what you need and will provide at the right time. I know this with utmost confidence because that is what He did for me.

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