Say Truth in Love

Raised by a Christ following Marine, things were pretty black and white around my house growing up. Lies were severely frowned upon and truth was told sometimes rather bluntly or brutally. I know beyond all shadow of reason that my Dad loves me and has all my life and that he would do anything at all for me, even if it killed him. However, sometimes his words didn’t come across as what I would call loving. Yes, they were all true. If you did a fact check, you would find all his statements correct. I have thought about this a lot lately because I love truth. I believe it sets you free. And if our enemy speaks lies for a living, I want to speak the opposite, which is truth. God is truth and Christ said He was the way, the truth and the life. However if I am not careful, my truth can come out as unloving or uncompassionate or cold like words that wring out in my head still from my Dad, the truth sayer. And having explored this, I have come up with some examples to show the difference between saying truth and saying truth in love.
Truth: That shirt is ugly.  Truth in love: That is a very interesting choice for a shirt.
Truth: The only thing I like about this dinner you made is the broccoli. Truth in love: Oh, you are so good at cooking broccoli.
Truth: It’s good you can play the sax because you sure can’t sing. Truth in love: I could listen to you just play the sax for hours.
Truth: Green is a horrible color on you. Truth in love: Blue is definitely your best color.
See the difference? Telling the truth in love does not compromise the truth or present it with a lie. It gives the positive spin on the truth. You willingly make a point to encourage and uplift rather than berate and bring down. Love is patient and kind, which means love is purposefully compassionate. Truth without love is really a contradiction and one is misunderstood because God is truth and God is love. How can He be both if they oppose each other in their true form? It is impossible. So, if we are clear on truth and love in their pure forms, we see that presentation is the key to a happy marriage of these complimentary topics. We must tell each other truth in love. Neither can be compromised in their integrity or you get a jumbled mess and people’s feelings get hurt. Truth in love is a matter of being intentionally both.

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