Silly Moods

My content is generally focused and borderlines on the severe-ish side of growth and restoration and salvation. While every bit of that is necessary to our salvation and restoration and in the healing of our country, I also want to pursue a little nuttiness and show that we don’t always have to be somber and serious or even poignant.  I believe that God was particularly silly when he created the platypus, for instance. And what was going through His mind when he made blow fish? Have you studied the chameleon’s eyes and wondered about it’s maker? And me. I look in the mirror and am amazed how well I clean up. All these things fascinate me. The way my daughter, who is 3, helps her big brother, who is 8, remember the states and capitals or the Presidents in order cracks me up. The way the brain works is bizarre. How 3 people can hear the same sentence and get 3 distinct and contradictory things out of it boggles my mind. How one person interprets art that my daughter could paint as a masterpiece is extraordinary to me. The point is that there are a myriad of authentic and natural sources of sheer folly in this world. We have joy in us when we become Christ followers and are filled with the Holy Spirit. Yes, things are serious and important, but no, we don’t always have to be serious. We need enjoy life and enjoy our joy, which strengthens us. We need to be joyful and laugh and as therapy bust out an I Love Lucy episode now and then. This lighter side of life can help minimize pain and laughter heals. We need to laugh. I need to laugh right now. And when you are the saddest, have a good cry and get it out but stop dwelling on it… get laughing as soon as possible. Smile and wave to a random unknown citizen. Open the door for someone else and comment on the great pickles the place had, no matter what type of institution you just came out of. Whatever it is, take your salvation and responsibility seriously but don’t take yourself or life too seriously. There will be laughter in heaven. Ya have to practice up for it.

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