Detail Oriented

I am not, by nature, detail oriented. I am naturally a big picture person. I have been called a visionary, but I think that is really saying the same thing. It is easy for me to see the big picture of the world’s current state of seeming chaos and craziness and see God’s plan and prophecies unfolding. It is natural for me to see that as things are coming to a head, we need revival and restoration because we don’t have much time to win lost souls and save as many people as we can for their and our and of course God’ sake and purpose. All of that comes easily to me, as naturally as walking. Let me be clear, that is not bragging, it’s stating facts. And let me be more clear, it is often a great hindrance to clarity. You who are detail oriented, I give the greatest honor because you see things that I just simply don’t. You give certain things their due value and I often overlook it. You can see how to accomplish an event that I see in my head but don’t know how to carry out and I have a lot of respect for that. So, in honor of my husband and some very good friends, I am attempting to delve into your detailed world and be practical on a new level in order to pursue further this idea of revival and restoration and repentance of us followers of Jesus Christ.  So, here are some specific steps we can take to start this right where we are. Please be patient with me… Not used to thinking detailed… 🙂

1. Pray whenever you think of it with specific prayers. If you are out of the habit of praying, write a note and put it on your mirror or computer screen to remind you to pray when you see it. Prayer can be as simple as “Lord, help!” or as long as a politician’s acceptance speech. The key thing is that you remember that God will always hear your prayer and that praying is coming face to face with Him to praise Him or ask Him for your needs. If you are as specific as possible, you will know when He has answered your prayer and there is more power in the prayer.
2. Read at least one chapter a day of your Bible. There are free downloads for your mobile device or free Bible gateway online (or others) or you have a manual Bible at home. If possible, get an easy to read version so it is easier to appreciate and digest and enjoy. The Bible is God’s entire plan for the world, the entire handbook for life, very interesting stories, and very detailed instruction on matters such as prayer, worship, meditation, the life and scope and teachings of Jesus Christ, etc. Without this reading every day, the Word, which is our only offensive weapon against the enemy’s attacks, will be lacking. We will be weak without our Biblical fuel and we will be ignorant and easily duped unless we know our Bible.
3. Be proactive and never lazy. If you see a need, do your best to fill it or find someone who can. Often our best witness to an evil world is being the light of caring and goodness. People see selfishness every day or more often. If we are selfish, we will not stand out in this dark world. I am talking about action and not rhetoric. Faith without works is dead. Let me pray with you is only step one, people. Yes, do pray with them. Then on to step two, what can I do to help? What do you need? If your prayer and devotional (Bible reading) is going strong and you are saved, the Holy Spirit will help you help the other person. Be reachable. Don’t be or look so busy or self absorbed that people don’t want to approach you. Don’t look too busy to keep people away because you are scared or lazy or don’t want to get involved. Christ was very involved, always engaged. His Spirit will guide and strengthen you to want to do the right thing and empower you to do it.
4. Don’t ever assume that people around you are saved or really understand what that should look like. If you are doing the above 3 things, you have a window of opportunity to be a voice of truth to them about their salvation and God’s kingdom of peace and joy. Many people may have never actually opened a Bible themselves and may know some words but not understand them to say them back. Most people think Christ followers look and act like everybody else so much that they don’t see the importance of attending a church service or being a Christ follower at all. “Why should I?” is their question. This is valid because so many of us have become so watered down and lazy and sinful and selfish and proud that we look just like the bad guys and it becomes a game of comparisons to each other rather than to a standard of holiness. So, first we must be holy, then we can open our mouths and talk real salvation to them and how God intended it to be. And please, for the sake of humanity, be joyful and peaceful and try to emulate the fruits of the Spirit. Memorize the fruits of the Spirit list and meditate on it often. A sad, mopey Christ follower is a contradiction in terms. People don’t need to know what you still need help working out with the Lord… They need Jesus. We are to represent Christ to the world and it is high time we take our real and most important job seriously. We can initiate incredible changes with these steps. I challenge you to see if I am right.

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