Call to Revival

The call is here. When the Puritans first came to America, their faith was strong and they were successful. When they started slipping in their reliance on God, things started going badly for them. Someone saw this relationship and prayed and started a revival in America they called the Great Awakening and Second Great Awakening and prosperity followed. Why? That’s easy. It’s because God is real, alive and powerful and He honors obedience to Him. So now, it’s funny that everyone is so eager to blame politicians, guns, bad childhoods, whatever for the moral depravity around us. This is why I like to study history… it reminds me of the present. However, people’s forgetfulness and neglect of our Holy Creator is not acceptable any longer for those of us who know the truth. God is still real and still alive and still powerful. If we who know this do what we know to be right and share our knowledge with all the poor lost souls around us, maybe we could start a third revival and maybe (as in times past and according to God’s own Word) He will heal our land and we will return to prosperity and morality. That is the hope that we have. It is merely rhetoric and not applicable? Well, it doesn’t have to be. I am personally responsible for my lot in life, those God has placed me with and around. I am responsible to be a light to them, to treat them how I want to be treated, to love them, to forgive, to be salt to them, meaning to help them feel something different about me because of my own relationship with the Divine. What will you choose to do? Is rhetoric good enough for us? If each of us don’t pursue Godliness and Divine order and light in our personal and social lives, it will all get worse and we won’t be able to blame anyone but the person in the mirror. However, what if we Christ followers actually read our Bibles every day and prayed regularly and cleaned up our acts? Where goes the Christ followers, there goes the nation. Spreading a revival is like eating an elephant. How does it happen? One bite at a time. Something to think about.

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