A New Umbrella

Here in Florida, we have a need for umbrellas.  Once you’re here for a few years, though, you realize that the showers don’t usually last that long, so you generally don’t need to carry one around.  However, that leaves you vulnerable to strong showers that might sit for longer than usual, say during hurricane season.  So, you have to decide whether or not to take the chance that you won’t need it.  Is it worth the hassle?  Is it truly a necessary burden to carry?  Is the one you have already good enough, though not all the spokes are still connected?  Do you really need a new umbrella?

I am convinced that we as Christians need a new umbrella.  By umbrella I mean metaphorically speaking we need new scriptures memorized regularly.  Yes, we can rest on ones we already know or learned as kids, but we face the possibility that when we really need scripture, it will no longer be available to us, and we will long for any tidbits we were able to memorize.  The good Lord Jesus Christ is coming back soon to this earth, but until that happens, there will not be easy times for us.  So, I am convinced that I and you need to memorize as much of the scripture as possible.  And after all, what could it possibly hurt??

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